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Zen AF shares lessons from yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and fitness to increase your happiness. Get tips on staying fit, eating well and feeling great. Check out the blog for more info!

And who am I? I’m Monique Morrison. A former D1 athlete at University of Utah, turned NARP (Non-Athletic Regular Person). After tearing my ACL 3 times and giving up on soccer, I’ve had to search for new ways to stay happy + healthy. Since, I’ve become a 500hr certified yoga instructor and am now sharing my fitness journey with y’all. Check out more about me here. Can’t wait to meet ya!

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We’ve all been there.. wanting to lose five pounds, but still wanting to eat that second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) slice of pizza. So we go for it, thinking “enjoy your life!”, only to be left feeling extremely guilty. Or if we do skip the pizza, we feel unsatisfied and HUNGRY.

Trust me, girl. I get it!

I used to be just like that. Going on extreme diets, skipping meals, running 7 miles trying to burn off the one extra cookie I ate. But after a long battle with self-worth and body image issues I finally learned to LET GO and found a balance between health + enjoyment.

So, let me help you.

Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION call to develop a solid plan to improving your overall health + fitness. We’ll not only talk about nutrition and exercise, but also about your mental and emotional health - any anxiety around food, negative self-image, or a lack of motivation.

By the end of the call you’ll have…

  • A clear starting point for your fitness journey

  • An understanding of what you need to do + why you need to do it

  • Identified ‘triggers’ that throw you off track from completing goals

  • A plan to overcome said hurdles and hit your GOALS!

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