10 to ZEN Challenge

10 Daily habits to help you destress + Find happiness


Based off of our Free Guide - 10 Daily Habits To Make Your Life Zen AF - this is a FREE 10-day Challenge to help you destress + find happiness. 

Everyday during the challenge, you will get one daily habit to practice that will focus on one of the destressing + calming habits listed in the guide. All you have to do is:

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2. Commit to the challenge


We live in such a busy society and have forgotten how to tend to our own needs. We have so many demands, so much pressure. We need to do this and get that done. We rush through life feeling overwhelmed, stressed, hurried, and always thinking about the next things. We get down on ourselves, thinking we're not living up to expectations or meeting demands. And, with the influence of social medial it is east to have an idea of what life should look like. 

So this, FREE 10 day challenge is designed to put you back in control fo your life. Everyday you will try one new activity that supports your best life and allows you to relax + check in with yourself. 

By the end of the challenge, you will have tested 10 different methods to make your life more zen, and will have a solid understanding of what supports you and what you need more of in your life. 



What will I get out of this challenge?

There are SO many benefits! Here are just a few:

Intentionally working towards creating a better life — Intentions are powerful. And when all of your energy is focusing on feeling better, you will start to notice some big changes. 

Will help you take action — How many times do you think about taking care of yourself, but your old habits deem too strong and you never actually get around to it? This challenge will jump start your self-care routine, by giving you simple steps to taking better care of your happiness.  

Clarity on where to start — There are so many different ways to take care of yourself! Think of this as a "well-being" buffet. You get a little taste of many different wellness practices, and by the end you'll know which was your favorite + what you want more of in your daily life. 


Okay, okay, this all sounds great. But I barely have time for myself now. How am I going to find time to commit 10 days to this?!

Glad you asked.

Each of these daily activities takes no more than 15 minutes. Because you really don't need more than 15 minutes per day just to yourself.  

And all of these activities are super simple. You don't need to register for any classes, or purchase any materials. Everything can be done from your home, with what you have right now. 



Hello! I'm Monique, the founder of Zen AF and the leader of this 10 day challenge. Not too long ago I went through a really deep depression and was ravaged with anxiety so I started trying everything I possibly could to make myself feel better. Fast forward a few years and I am now happier than ever, but I still see so many people who aren't. So I put together this simple 10 day challenge to help people realize that just simple, small changes can go a long way. 

I'm so excited for you to join this challenge and can't wait to see the benefits it brings you! 


What are people saying about it?

"Completely off topic for the 10 to Zen but I absolutely love this challenge and I’m glad to be apart of it. Zen AF thank you for this amazing challenge."

— Shetonja Wilkins

"I know we are only a few days in, but by really working on meditating in some way every morning and going through each daily challenge so far — even if they've been easy for me — I'm now thinking about my actions more and becoming more self-aware. I really appreciate you for doing this challenge. You're definitely helping me to realize, visualize and achieve a better me."

— Aubrey Woodruff

So, are you ready to take the challenge?

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