Hellooooo! I’m Monique

500-hour Certified Yoga Instructor, founder of Zen AF, author of Zen AF: The Pocket Guide To Meditation


I’m Monique! I’m a 500hr registered yoga instructor and am finishing up my nutrition certification.

I grew up a competitive soccer player, receiving a scholarship to play for the University of Utah and was convinced I would be a professional soccer player.

Unfortunately, I tore my ACL three times and had to stop playing soccer competitively. After that I spiraled into a deep depression with extremely negative self-image and very low self-worth.

But slowly, I started to reconnect with myself through yoga. Yoga helped me gain a deep sense of self and created an unshakeable confidence in who I am.

Now, my goal is to help other women reconnect with themselves and trust their inner voice through yoga retreats.

So if you’re ready to start LOVING yourself, get the passion back into your life and have fun while doing it, let’s connect ♡


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