Hellooooo! I’m Monique

500-hour Certified Yoga Instructor, founder of Zen AF, author of Zen AF: The Pocket Guide To Meditation


I’m Monique! I’m a 500hr registered yoga instructor and am currently working towards my personal training certification.

I grew up a competitive soccer player, receiving a scholarship to play for the University of Utah and was convinced I would be a professional soccer player.

Unfortunately, I tore my ACL three times and had to stop playing soccer competitively. After that I spiraled into a deep depression with extremely negative self-image and very low self-worth.

But slowly, I started to reconnect with myself through yoga and fitness. Lifting weights helped me recognize how strong I truly was, and yoga helped me develop a solid sense of self.

Now, my goal is to help other women realize their strength, develop positive self-image and trust their inner voice through yoga and weight lifting.

So if you’re ready to start LOVING yourself, get fit and have fun while doing it, let’s connect ♡


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