How To Make An Aligned Decision

At any point in our life we are faced with many important decisions. Everyday we make choices that either keep us as who we are or help us grow into who we can become.

When faced with a decision, a question, a choice, it can be very difficult to know what we want. We can make pro-con lists to weigh out the factors or flip a coin to see our reaction. But the “right” decision for us may not be the “right” decision on paper.

When I was faced with a very big decision, to what felt like would change the course of my entire life, I received perhaps the best advice I will ever hear. For days I was brainstorming, journaling, reflecting on who I was and what I ultimately wanted. But I kept flip flopping between two decisions, between black and white, between two very different opportunities.  

After watching me struggle, and offering her personal opinion, my mom finally sat me down and said, do what feels like freedom.

In that moment, everything changed. My perspective shifted. I knew what felt right, even if it didn’t sound the best on paper.

This quote or piece of advice has shaped my life ever since. When you make the best decision for you it feels good. You feel lighter, happier, excited and maybe even a little scared. When we make the decision that looks right on paper, we feel tense, nervous, or anxious. It doesn’t feel uplifting or freeing.

It can be scary to make the decision that feels best for you. But when you have your happiness, everything else will follow.

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