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These are some of my favorite resources for quick, on-the-go stress reduction,
helping you achieve your most Zen AF life.


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10 Daily Habits To Make Your Life Zen AF

Do you find it hard to enjoy the little things in life and just be in the present moment?

Inside this guide we'll show you 10 daily practices that will help you feel at ease and in-control so that you can live a more kick-ass life.

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How to Reduce Travel Anxiety + Enjoy Your Vacation

Of course we go on vacation to relax, but does packing and planning feel extremely overwhelming? Is it impossible to let go of your responsibilities at home?

This free E-book teaches you how to plan for a trip without stress, gives you actionable steps to finding relaxation on a vacation and shows you how to adjust back into "real life" once you return home. 

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Zen AF: The Pocket-Guide To Meditation

This pocket-guide to mediation is the perfect intro into meditation + reducing stress.

You get a basic introduction of what meditation is, plus fifty 5-minute or less meditations you can do anywhere, at anytime, to reduce stress and anxiety in a pinch.

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