I’d love to work with you!

Personal Training | Retreats



I’m not currently taking clients for personal training. However, I’d still love to help you start your fitness journey!

What I can offer is a FREE CONSULTATION call, where I help you devise a plan for your fitness.

After filling out a form explaining your current state of health, I’ll walk you through basic nutrition, exercise and mindfulness practices helping you identify and understand what your biggest priorities in health + fitness are, and what your biggest hurdles are.

By the end of the call you’ll have…

  • A clear starting point for your fitness journey

  • An understanding of what you need to do + why you need to do it

  • Identified ‘triggers’ that throw you off track from completing goals

  • A plan to overcome said hurdles and hit your GOALS!

Upcoming Events + Retreats

ZEN AF RETREAT | october 2020

  • Where: Sayulita, Mexico

  • When: October, 2020 - exact dates TBD

  • What: A 4 day yoga retreat to teach you how to hear + listen to your own voice, to trust yourself, and fall back in love with who you are.

  • Who: Women looking to fall back in love with themselves.


Past Events + Retreats

Black Out Retreat | October 27 - November 2

  • Where: Undisclosed castle, West Coast of Ireland (It’s all about the surprise!)

  • When: October 27 - November 2, 2018

  • What: A 6-day “black-out” retreat, which means there is no technology. This is your chance to disconnect from your phone, email, social media and reconnect with yourself & those around you.

  • Who: Entrepreneurs looking to travel, connect and explore a new land

  • To learn more: https://www.pursuitofpresence.com/

Escalante heritage days | October 12-13, 2018

  • Where: Escalante, Utah

  • When: October 12-13, 2018

  • What: A two-day festival that includes live music, local vendors, yoga, marathon, and a whole lot of fun!

  • Who: For anyone who wants to attend! These classes will be open to the public, and are just $2 per class.

Mastermind Talks 2017 + 2018

  • Where: Carmel, California + Park City, Utah

  • When: May 2017 + September 2018

  • What: A world-class event for high-level entrepreneurs looking to build community. I was fortunate enough to teach morning yoga to attendee’s

  • Who: Invite-only for high level entrepreneurs

Retreat Yourself Zion

  • Where: Zion National Park, Utah

  • When: August 2017

  • What: A yoga retreat I co-hosted for women looking to let go of past trauma. The event included hiking through the canyon, lots of yoga, meditation, healthy foods, and a full moon ceremony.

  • Who: Middle-aged women looking to connect with others, find support and let go of negative thoughts, beliefs + habits holding them back