Zen AF in Zion

May 2019


Join Zen AF for a yoga + adventure retreat in
Zion National Park

Yoga + adventure retreats designed to help you get out of your rut, get “unstuck” and propel you into the next phase of your life.


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Why retreat with Zen AF?

Zen AF will take you on exhilarating adventures through Zion National Park. These adventures include incredible hikes to summit peaks, rock climbing, and maybe even horseback riding a red-rock canyon.

We will also start and end each day with a powerful yoga practice, designed to help you slow down and connect with the bravery, courage and badassery you felt during our great adventures.

What’s included?

These retreats include all accommodations, meals, adventures, yoga, and even some extra goodies. All you have to do is show up.


Meet your host:
Monique Morrison


Hey everyone!

I’m Monique, the founder + host of the Zen AF Retreats. I remember hitting a point in my life where I felt stuck, totally lame and like I had forgotten how to have FUN.

During that period the only time I did feel like a total badass was when I was doing something physically active like hiking, lifting, running, climbing.

On top of that, I started practicing yoga which made me aware of the courage + confidence I actually did possess.

And that’s exactly why I created these retreats! To create a jumping off point for those ready to take on the next challenge, find their confidence + power, and conquer the world.


Can’t wait to see you in Zion!

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